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Welcome to Code for Kansas City
A Code for America Brigade!

Serve Your Community Through Civic Tech

We are Code for Kansas City, the local chapter of Code for America Brigade supporting civic hacking in Kansas City.

Code for America Brigade brings together developers, designers, data geeks, civic leaders, organizers, and idea-makers from communities to help local government and civic organizations adopt open web technologies. Code for America Brigade is the volunteer arm of the larger, national organization Code for America.

What is Civic Hacking, this video will help explain it.

Who This is For

Anyone with a desire and a passion for applying their technology skills to improve our community, open government, and open civic data.

What to Expect

You can apply your skills and expertise to work on an existing problem or project you care about like:

What Not to Expect

Who’s in Charge

How it Works

We meet weekly, usually on Monday nights at the Sprint Accelerator, to either Hack (work on projects), Yack (socialize) or Learn (hear from a speaker). We use Meetup for organizing our events, so be sure to visit meetup.com/kcbrigade for the latest information.

The format for Hack Nights:

Required Tools

Bring your laptop/tablet as it’s typically a working group with the occasional presentation. Free wifi is provided.

How Decisions Are Made

We use the Lazy Consensus model, meaning that if you think it’s right for the group you have a green light, so don’t wait around for approval. Concerns can be asked, but if you don’t get much feedback that’s a good thing and you can rock on.

How Projects Are Chosen

We choose projects based on:

Current Projects

Our projects are usually centered around software at some point. Those are all listed in our GitHub Organization. There are also non-programming tasks in our “task list” at http://codeforkc.org/tasks/

Get Connected

Get Inspired

Get Smart

Get Started

Often you can start getting involved before the first meeting.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

Contact Us

This sites creator was Paul Barham, but many others help to keep it awesome. You can file a issue/request in our bug tracker, join our email group and discuss there, find us on twitter using @codeforkc, or just email pbarham@codeforamerica.org